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Our commitment is to obtain customer satisfaction and to provide maximum comfort for the audience. Visit our new web insitual.com with all the info about our new stadium seats.

Designing, manufacturing and assembling seats and detachable tribunes for sport and leisure facilities, from grandstands for large stadiums to football grounds, sports halls and sports centres in general.

We have a wide experience in developing custom-made projects and in installing facilities in very diverse premises. This experience has been acquired throughout more than 30 years of activity, in which we have installed more than 2,000,000 seats in more than 1,500 premises, from small rooms to large stadiums.

More than 10 different models of seats in order to adapt them to any grandstand profile allow us to offer you the best solution to your project.

Chairs for arenas and sport hall´s VIP areas, or for arena´s bench players. Tip-up seat optional, fully upholstered seat and backrest. With differents accessories: cupholder, tip-up table or embroidery logo in backrest.

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AVATAR has won the RED DOT DESIGN Award 2016 to the best design for stadium seats. This award, considered the most prestigious distinction for high quality design, recognise the innovative design of tip-up Avatar seats.

In our category, the jury has made this statement: “The design of Avatar conveys robustness, and thanks to its sophisticated material characteristics it meets the high requirements of its use.”


AVATAR folding seat model, dimensions 445 x 835 x 545 mm. Chassis made from polyamide reinforced with fiberglass (FRP) high, mounted on monorail, enabling flexible arrangement between custom seat for any reason.
Seat and back made of copolymer polypropylene with UV sunscreen closed at the same height, avoiding partial faded seat.

Support rail calibrated steel finishes, with cataphoresis treatment galvanized and epoxy paint. Mounting possibility terrace front foot and bounds, movable together.

Optimizes space between rows of step with its small size when folded, 200 mm.

Seat with integrated and patented return motion damping mechanism. Designed according to criteria of the EN-13200 standard Part 4: Seating for spectators.

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UNE EN 13200/4. «Spectator facilities - Part 4: Seats - Product characteristics»

UNE EN 12727:01 «Lined seats, trial methods and resistance and durability requirements for severe public use»




We manufacture in any color technically available for more than 2.500 units.

Important: Slight colour differences may occur between the colour of the screen and the product.

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