Daplast - Stadium seatings and metallic bleachers.

Brief history

We started our activities in 1973, making the first plastic boxes sold in Almería, mainly for tomatoes. In 1979 we decided to introduce a new segment, designing and manufacturing seats and grandstands for organizations, particularly for sports.

Since then our company has continued in the effort to provide more and better products to its customers, supplying stadium seats for several hundred installations worldwide. Today we offer a total of 10 different seat models, several models of seat brackets and six models of detachable stands, to respond to any requirement of our customers.

We still maintain the family atmosphere of the company. This proximity is seen in the relationship of trust with our employees, partners and customers, who come from different countries of the world and provide us an overview of the industry.

Aware of the latest trends in sports architecture, we collaborate with public and private organizations to improve the comfort and quality of sports facilities.