Daplast - Stadium seatings and metallic bleachers.


Our main manufacture activitity consist in plastic injection by mould. This activity is divided into two main business lines:

- Plastic crates .

- Stadium seating and metallic bleachers.

Both lines share a high percentage of the production system and the structure of the company (in addition to the administrative and financial organization).

Committed to the quality of the final product, Daplast develops others complementary activities:

- In relation of plastic crates line: plastics recycling

- In relation of the stadium seating and bleachers line:

  • Metal confection workshops: we vertically integrate all the complements (plastic, metal, brackets, moulds, etc) we guarantee not only delivery within deadlines but also the quality of our products..
  • Installation service: our highly specialized crew guarantees the optimum fulfilment of any project. We have the capacity of carry out large installations in a short period of time (up to 200 seats/day). In many countries we work with official distributors who can offer this service.
  • Study services, design and development of each project Our technical department designs the most suitable solution for each individual customer. It proposes models, colours and constructive concepts that perfect integrate within the overall architecture of the venues and and respond to the most demanding requirements.

In resume, Daplast activities are: