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Stadium seating

Our commitment is to obtain customer satisfaction and to provide maximum comfort for the audience. Visit our new web insitual.com with all the info about our new stadium seats.

Designing, manufacturing and assembling seats and detachable tribunes for sport and leisure facilities, from grandstands for large stadiums to football grounds, sports halls and sports centres in general.

We have a wide experience in developing custom-made projects and in installing facilities in very diverse premises. This experience has been acquired throughout more than 30 years of activity, in which we have installed more than 2,000,000 seats in more than 1,500 premises, from small rooms to large stadiums.

More than 10 different models of seats in order to adapt them to any grandstand profile allow us to offer you the best solution to your project.

Chairs for arenas and sport hall´s VIP areas, or for arena´s bench players. Tip-up seat optional, fully upholstered seat and backrest. With differents accessories: cupholder, tip-up table or embroidery logo in backrest.

We invite you to get to know our products and to visit our search engine for installed facilities.

Our commercial department can help you in any of these languages: english, french, german, dutch, arabian, and of course, spanish.








Seat and backrest formed by metallic frame coated with polyurethane foam (several density and hardness levels), covered with upholstery Trevira CS with integral Fire Barrier (M2 or M1) or synthetic leather resistant to exposure to the elements.

Armrest made of first-quality Zamak aluminium supports and ABS plastic casing resulting in a precise working group. Installed on metallic benches covered by electrostatic paint.

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Norma UNE 13200-4: “Instalaciones para espectadores. Parte 4: Asientos. Características de producto.”

Norma UNE EN 12727 “Asientos alineados. Métodos de ensayo y requisitos para la resistencia y durabilidad”

Código Técnico de la Edificación, REAL DECRETO 314/2006 de fecha 17 de marzo: Antiguo M-1, actual “pasa ensayo según las normas siguientes:

UNE-EN 1021-1:1994 valoración de la inflamabilidad del mobiliario tapizado- parte 1: fuente de ignición: cigarrillo en combustión.

UNE-EN 1021-2:1994 valoración de la inflamabilidad del mobiliario tapizado- parte 1: fuente de ignición: llama equivalente a una cerilla.




We manufacture in any color technically available for more than 2.500 units.

Important: Slight colour differences may occur between the colour of the screen and the product.